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Welcome to the Osman Shrine Cycle Corps.  The Osman Shrine Cycle Corps is a precision drill team made up of Shrine Masons with a passion for riding and performing. The Osman Cycle Corps has received numberous awards in competition and at parades for their riding skill and showmanship.  Our group rides Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  Most of unit rides the Ultra Classic while we also have the Ultra Classic Limited and the Road Glide with a few Heritage bikes thrown in for good measure.

Our group of riders and their families meet throughout the year at parades, picnics, dinners, motorcycle events.  We encourage involvement of our ladies and children.

The Osman Shrine Cycle Corps is always on the lookout for new riders.  We will teach you perform skill based manuevers that will make you a better rider.  If you are interested in learning more about the Cycle Corps, the Shrine or the Freemasons, contact us.

Here is a short video taken by one of our members using a GoPro camera.  From this we hope you can get a feel of how we perform maneuvers in a parade.

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